Grand Lodge Technology

Keeping Freemasonry Relevant In The Digital Age
Recent Completed Projects
Below is a list of some of the latest projects we have completed
  1. Site Rebuild
    You may have noticed some slight differences in the web site. In early June, we rebuilt the site using a Content Management System (or CMS). This has enabled simplicity in making updates and adding content and features. If you would like to know more about CMS providers, contact the webmaster.
  2. Awards
    We have added a web page for each Grand Lodge Award. On these pages, you will find the relevant information as well as downloadable forms. And as an added bonus, we created PDF documents that allow you to type directly on the form and save/print your work!
  3. Media
    We have recently added photographs from the 2017 Grand Comunication
  4. Appendant Body Calendar
    There is now an Appendant Body Calendar of events. Check it out to see whats happening!
  5. School Essay Program
    The Grand Lodge School Essay contest and Classroom Grant program are an excellent opportunity to become involved with your local Schools and show our support. On this page, you will find all the info and forms your school needs to enter this contest
  6. Search
    We have added the capability to search! There are two options: 1, Search just within the Grand Lodge Website. 2. Search within all of the Arizona Lodge websites Using this second feature, you can type in "Outdoor Degree" and get results from all over the state. Neither returns results from the World Wide Web
In the Hopper
Below you will find our list of "Things to do"
  1. Masonic Education
    Vision - To enhance your ability to access learning materials
  2. Pay Pal
    We will be adding an online store enabling the user to purchase Tee Shirts, Coins, etc as well as pay for conference fees using a credit card or Pay Pal.
  3. TBD
    Placeholder for the next big thing!
  4. TBD
    Placeholder for the next big thing!
  5. TBD
    Placeholder for the next big thing!
  6. TBD
    Placeholder for the next big thing!