The Grand Lodge Of Arizona



All lodges in Arizona that have a website will be judged for the Grand Lodge Website Award by the Grand Lodge Website Subcommittee. No submissions required. Lodge size is not a factor.

Websites are evaluated throughout the year. Evaluation concludes on April 15, 2018

1. Award Levels
1st – Master Website Award
2nd – Silver Website Award
3rd – Golden Trowel Website Award

2. Scoring
No evidence = 0
Basic technology = 3
Forward leaning technology = 5

3. Criteria
​​ Analysis from 2016-2017 scoring: (Thank you to Brother Eric Hannah and Josh Hodo for this analysis)
It is important to point out that all analysis for the web award is done on public web pages. No private members sections or pages are accessed. For questions, or to see how your Lodge scored in 2016-2017, submit your request ot the Webmaster on our contact page

The area where the craft is strongest is in getting its contact info prominently posted on the sites.

The area where the craft is the weakest is in its member’s content.

An area that was difficult to judge was the community interaction, mainly because there was so little displayed on the sites.

An area that needs attention is the unique content, it is lacking overall and could easily be improved by adding lodge and community history to sites that don't already have it.

A donation button is a revenue stream for the lodge and should be considered. Currently this is the second lowest scoring area.

A capture form to go with contact information is an easy way for visitors to submit information and for lodges to track that data. 

2016-2017 Winners:
Master - Green Valley Lodge No. 71,
Silver - Chandler Thunderbird Lodge No. 15,
Golden Trowel - White River Lodge No. 62,